East Texas Rain Forest Music

by J D Emmanuel



East Texas Rain Forest Music was created between 1988 and 1995. The final organization of the album was completed in 1995. It is based on the same theme as the Original Rain Forest Music LP and cassette.

The foundation is set up with a recording of East Texas forest rainfall and thunder sounds with bird sounds from the Houston Zoo, and evening insect and frog sounds from my backyard mixed with electronic music. This remake has a mix of completely new material and some old material updated with newer digital instruments.

It is designed to play as one continuous piece of music.

I originally designed this music to enhance relaxation and meditation, as a background for massage or for counseling to help a person relax and open up faster.

Track listing with track start/end points and timing:

1 - Early Morning in the Rain Forest, (0:00 - 5:05)
2 - Alone in the Rain Forest (5:05 - 8:05, 3:00)
3 - Approaching Storm (8:05 - 14:45, 6:40)
4 - Rain Drop Fantasy (14:45 - 18:35, 3:50)
5 - Rain Forest Chant (18:35 - 22:02, 3:27)
6 - Accelerating Through Time (22:02 - 27:27, 5:25)
7 - Gliding Between the Raindrops (27:27 - 31:04, 3:37)
8 - Through the Veil (31:04 - 36:19, 5:15)
9 - Swan Song of the Rain Forest (36:19 - 40:39, 4:20)


released October 1, 1995

The recording medium is MIDI with Cakewalk Sequencing Software for composition and mastered onto a Sony MiniDisc.

The instrumentation includes a Yamaha FB-01, several Casio CZ type synths, two Ensoniq ESQ-M's and a Korg X5DR.

The album picture is the leaves of a Sweetgum tree in East Texas during a rainfall.



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J D Emmanuel Shenandoah, Texas

I am J D Emmanuel. My music is designed to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the Creator of All that exists in the Universe, ie, our Source of Being. My music style is to first create a foundation using cyclic, poly rhythmic music, then build several layers of improvised leads and rhythms that allows you to transcend time and space. ... more

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