Echoes From Ancient Caves

by J D Emmanuel



We have Memories of Past Lives that reverberate in our hearts like Echoes From Ancient Caves. At times, we have glimpses and feelings of these Memories as we walk through our lives knowing that we are more than the what we are today. We are endless and will Always Be.

Original cassette produced in 1981, this version was reissued by Sun Ark Records, May, 2012.

Studio recording created in 1980-81, this album continues my mix of electronics and jazz.

Side one starts with a tape loop using the Crumar Organ mixed with wind chimes and birds that were recorded live. The next two pieces were created with acoustic guitar and synthesizer. The final piece is using the organ.

Greg Kelly, exceptional guitarist friend of mine, plays the acoustic guitar on Memories of Atlantis, which we co-wrote.

Side two is all multi-tracked organ and synthesizers.


released April 1, 1981

The instrumentation on this album was a Crumar Traveler 1 organ, Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer, Octave Cat Synthesizer, Yairi DY-74 acoustic guitar with an Echoplex EP-4, Ross Phaser pedal and a DOD Compressor/Limiter pedal. A Teac 4 channel reel deck was used for the multi-tracked recording.

Originally released on cassette, 01 April 1981, on my label, North Star Productions.



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J D Emmanuel Shenandoah, Texas

I am J D Emmanuel. My music is designed to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the Creator of All that exists in the Universe, ie, our Source of Being. My music style is to first create a foundation using cyclic, poly rhythmic music, then build several layers of improvised leads and rhythms that allows you to transcend time and space. ... more

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