Time Traveler

by J D Emmanuel



After my European tour, I decided to use the name, Time Traveler, to describe my music because it can put the listener into a state where time seems to disappear. This is my goal with my music, to create an altered state for expanding consciousness.

What a wonderful journey for this old musician to be able to come to Europe for a 9 day tour in May, 2011. In 1982, I could only imagine having the opportunity to do a tour in Europe and 30 years later, due to the blessings of Tommy De Nys and KRAAK Productions, it became a delightful reality. The tour traveled through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and back to Germany at these locations:

05.07: KRAAK @ KC Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium
05.08: Villa te Koop, Den Haag, Holland
05.09: Walpodenakademie Mainz, Germany
05.10: Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany
05.11: O Tannenbaum, Berlin, Germany
05.12: Singsang, Malmö, Sweden
05.13: Vaxjo, Sweden
05.14: Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
05.15: Zakk, Bremen, Germany

One of the most wonderful surprises was getting to tour with Lieven Martens, Dolphins in the Future. He and I became very close friends during the tour. We share a passion for using environmental sounds with our music and he reissued Wizards on LP, in 2007 my most renown music work. I also had the opportunity and delight to meet and work with Paul Labreque, Head of Wantastiquet, a very talented and creative electronic, drone artist.

This album was performed live using a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08, Two Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboards and a Dave Smith Instruments Desktop Evolver Synthesizer with a Behringer DD400 Digital Delay. I have chosen these instruments because they are analog and the Mono Evolver Keyboards closely resemble the Sequential Circuits Pro-Ones that I used in the early 80's, also designed by Dave Smith.

My thanks to:

Pieter Eyklens, Aguirre Records, for publishing this special double LP, also soon to be available on cassette.

Tommy De Nys, KRAAK Productions, for organizing the tour and helping acquire the sythesizers.

Steve Marreyt, Ruis Magazine, for the wonderful article about my music to introduce the tour.

Lieven Martens, Dolphins in the Future, for touring with me and for the use of his Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard. May the Force Be with You!

Christel Guardi, Stella Om Source, for starting this whole touring thing when she invited me to perform with her on tour as it went through Texas in February, 2010.

Double LP published in 2013 by Aguirre Records, Belgium, cassette soon to follow.

Album Listing:

A1 Path Inward -- Hasselt 5/7/2011
A2 Focusing Within -- Berlin 5/10/2011
B1 Deep Trance States -- Berlin 5/11/2011
B2 Journey Into Infinity -- Den Haag 5/8/2011
B3 Illusions -- Den Haag 5/8/2011
C1 Adrift In The Gamma Quadrant -- Den Haag 5/8/2011
C2 At-One-Ment -- Den Haag 5/8/2011
D1 Ghost Emanations from Seti Alpha 6 -- Hasselt 5/7/2011
D2 Inside a Telsa Generator -- Hasselt 5/7/2011
D3 Rain Forest -- Hasselt 5/7/2011


released February 1, 2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08
Two Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboards
Dave Smith Instruments Desktop Evolver Synthesizer
Behringer DD400 Digital Delay



all rights reserved


J D Emmanuel Shenandoah, Texas

I am J D Emmanuel. My music is designed to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the Creator of All that exists in the Universe, ie, our Source of Being. My music style is to first create a foundation using cyclic, poly rhythmic music, then build several layers of improvised leads and rhythms that allows you to transcend time and space. ... more

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