Trance​-​Formations II: Into Separate Realities

by J D Emmanuel



This album contains a wide range of trances reflecting my minimal approach to music composition. I use some very unique stereo imaging and rhythms as the foundations for these pieces. In the late 80s, I totally switched to MIDI as the composition format for more accuracy of what I was producing at the time.

The majority of these pieces were composed during the 1990's on the road in hotel rooms while traveling for my job across the country. These pieces were composed using a Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer or Korg X5DR synth module and a Novation MM10 keyboard into my Windows laptop using Cakewalk sequencing/recording software. I then finished them on my studio PC with Cakewalk using either/and 2 Ensoniq ESQ-M's synthesizer modules and a Korg X5DR synthesizer module.

I completed this album in August, 1999, with Deep in the Andes. I took a break from composing and recording until February, 2010, when I started doing live shows and creating new music again.
This album was originally organized for a CD. In 2012, I was contacted by Dom Martin, owner of Deep Distance Records, to publish this on a single LP, He chose 6 of the 12 tracks from the CD for the LP. My Bandcamp music site will offers all 12 tracks for digital download with the LP.

Media: LP Limited Edition and Digital.

LP published in 2013 by Deep Distance Records, England, contains these tracks:

A-1 : Trance-Lations Part I
A-2 : Reichian Trance
A-3 : The Hunt
B-1 : Trance-Lations Part II
B-2 : A Metal Kind of Day
B-13: Deep in the Andes


released April 18, 2013

Instrumentation includes:
Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer
2 Ensoniq ESQ-M's
Korg X5DR synth module
Novation MM10 keyboard
Windows laptop using Cakewalk sequencing/recording software



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J D Emmanuel Shenandoah, Texas

I am J D Emmanuel. My music is designed to enhance deep meditative, or altered states, to allow the listener to personally connect to the Creator of All that exists in the Universe, ie, our Source of Being. My music style is to first create a foundation using cyclic, poly rhythmic music, then build several layers of improvised leads and rhythms that allows you to transcend time and space. ... more

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